Monday, October 3, 2011

A Violet Fancy: A Short Story Collection

this book is a collection of short stories and novella. I notice that most of the stories deals with sadness or on the negative side, but honestly, some of these, would really make you appreciate life more and realize the littlest things that really matter. The stories range from relationships, medieval women, men vs. women, hardship, love, marriage, abuse, infidelity, betrayal, childhood memories and lessons to teens based on experiences.
because of the author's experiences as her basis, the story was more vivid and filled with vibrancy and right amount of page-goers.
Some of the story could be developed into more awesome ones.

I was hooked with some of the stories but it was the author's own story that piqued my attention. Sharing her story could really help those who are still struggling for addiction, and it was awesome that she had hoped for others to do the same by writing her own.

I also want to appreciate the cover, it was the first thing that got my attention.:) ( )

you can find your own copy here!

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