Friday, October 28, 2011

Willowtree by Mike Bove

*i won this book from member giveaways program*

doesn't really sound like a mystery book,..but well,yes,it is..
and it grip me from the moment i read the first chapter..truly this book stands as a mystery book full of action, crime and mystery..

the story is well-written with turns and twist appropriate for the plot and situations, the characters are well-developed from simple ones to complex yet highly engaging and intriguing roles..
i find the book good in making readers think along and symphatize with the readers..a nice book..!

In this cozy mystery Bruce DelReno, retired mailman and avid golfer finds a body near the golf course. He attempts to link this to other murders, which he sees connected to the entanglements and secrets of a group of locoweed smoking locals. His friend, an Apache Indian, becomes involved and supplies much of the dry humor. Much of the story takes place at the golf course, a favorite restaurant, and a nearby ranch, in the fictitious town of Willowtree, AZ.

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