Wednesday, October 12, 2011


this book is great..

at first... you will's worse to feel in love with a hooligan than a vampire...but then if that hooligan is not that dark, morbid and bad... but instead gentleman to the bone, serious but with a good sense of humor, remembers your favorites, stick to his words, hides into mystery but is really really handsome, and suffered a not so good family drama...would you not fall in love?

i find this book a lil bit thrilling, engaging and interesting. The characters developed and emerged slowly, but in a reallly really good way, keeping up with the thrill given to readers who can't get enough. The book is filled with forbidden romance, action, i could almost consider this as vampire tale, though it's not. The plot is wonderfully written, and the story is just wonderful, especially as it depicts Edgar allan poe and the reason behind his death. i also love to mention, that Varen is the kind of guy that makes you hate at first but would later be lured to his charisma and attitude.
I like the book and wish that their romance would develop into something greater. this is a cliff-hanger and i can't wait to read the sequel.

Isobel has a great life: she is a cheerleader, her boyfriend is a star on the football team, her friends are great (members of the screw squad). That changes once she is partnered with the weird Goth guy, Varen, in English class to do a project on Edgar Allen Poe.

Varen is mysterious, and he doesn't seem too interested in Isobel. However, Isobel finds herself drawn to him, especially after she takes a peek at his notebook, only to find it filled with strange stories and drawings. Strange things start to happen both when she is alone and when she's with Varen. She can't tell whether it is a dream, or reality.

NEVERMORE was so captivating. I have never read anything like it before. It was really fast-paced and intriguing;

Varen...he's so something....and Isobel is just amazing..really beautiful...

i just finish's thrilling..though at the end i expect it to be just what everybody expects...but then..don't despair..because there is a sequel..oh..i can't wait..


  1. I loved this book.
    Is the sequel ever going to actually come out!?
    It's driving me nuts. :P

    1. I loved this book too,,I think the next book is coming out this Sept or later..but I'm sure it's out this year..hope to have a copy..:D

  2. Aww..I didn't love this book as much. It was a bit dragging but I still like the thrill of reading it!


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