Hey everybody, my name is Abby!  
Since you're reading my blog, maybe you'd like to know a little bit about the person behind it. :)

Let’s start with the basic; I’m 5’4, and secretly hoping to add some height. I have black hair and eyes, with specks of navy blue around the pupil. I had a wonderful Filipino complexion, brown, but sometimes, I look whiter than usual or should I say paler. I have a medium-sized stature.

I love reading but I've been a really avid reader just this mid-2010. And the novel that convinces me to read again is: TWILIGHT by Stephenie Meyer. And this blog started August 2011, yeah..I’m new.. You probably know my reading preference :), so let’s proceed.

I'm currently eighteen since September 8!   I play musical instruments, I play just a little, piano, guitar, tambourine, lyre and I also sing and do interpretative dances.  I was a soprano in my high school choir and I am also part in my church's Praise and Worship team. I draw and sketch too. 

I graduated high school on March 30, 2010. I am currently in college taking up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, each semester earning 29 units. I am a writer in our school publication, a news writer, feature and sports sometimes, since in high school by the way. I’m a blogger and a member of review/book sites such as Goodreads, LibraryThing, Powell’s.com, Amazon Associates and Booksneeze.

(Don’t read this, I’m probably bragging) I’ve been consistent top 1 since my first grade. I also graduated having all the awards, both academic and extra-curricular, all our subjects of course. Sometimes, I do believe my teachers do love me..:D  I was president in Student Government and the only student-representative in our School Government Council. And since, third grade I’d been the president of my class. I’d been assigned Associate editor when I was a mere freshman in high school. I’m always part of the top 10 of any exam I take, but I credit this to God’s will. :) I think, I got quite popular then, both because I’m probably friendly, and God is smiling down on me!

I joined Boy Scout and Girl Scout both. I was part of my high school’s ADUSAY (a Filipino acronym for Song, Drama and Dance). I was part of the Red Cross Team and Band Corp, I’m a cheerleader too..:)

I love music and books (with signatures). I love collecting stamps and bookmarks. My favorite color is black and white (that figures!), I also considered blue as my favorite.  I love bracelets, lots of them. I love laughter and the rain.

I love pets, but unfortunately, no one truly lasts..:( I have a pet dog, named Blackie (figures!), but he got lost.

I have a sister who’s in the future might be taller than me, she’s 5’2 now and had just turned 12 (well, for Filipinos, she’s tall already. I have a younger brother, 3 years of age, who’s truly a blessing since we didn’t really think mom could still conceive.

English is certainly not my first nor second language, so if you find some mistakes, I’m sorry. Feel free to correct me, and I won’t be offended.

And that's it.  If you have any questions about me personally feel free to comment:)



  1. nice to know you abby! :) im Pinay too -- Cebuana! i've been reading since 4 years old, and an achiever too (though not as accomplished as you). i was into blogging early last year, but not that active in posting. too busy with school and some other stuff :)

    new follower,

  2. Why did I only read your 'About Me' now? I've always thought you're Filipino and I'm glad I'm right! Filipino readers FTW! :D Like you, it was the Twilight series that got me hooked into reading. Those books really opened a lot of doors, huh. I also used to write for the school paper. It was really fun, wasn't it? I was sort of an achiever, too, back in elementary and high school. Then I lost my touch in studying when I got to college. Meh. :P

    Your blog is really nice, by the way. It always makes me happier whenever I discover other Filipino book bloggers. :)

    Happy reading always! ^__^
    Julie @ Books and Insomnia

  3. Why do you sound so perfect?! Haha jk :) I wasn't much of an achiever back in high school, quite the opposite actually. And thinking back, I wish I put a little more effort in my studies and extra-curricular activities! It would have been nice to have all those achievements. Anyway, Twilight was also the reason why I got back to reading :) Since then I've been an avid reader and collector of ya books :D its always great to meet fellow Filipino bookworms ;) so keep up the good work and keep on achieving! :D


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