Greetings, and thank you for your interest in having your book reviewed on Bookshelf Confessions.

Below is my general review policy.  


I’m a teen, (even if I’ll be no longer :) ) so most of the books I read are YA.

The genre consists:
*Historical Romance (I have a thing for this) 
*Romance (any) 
*Children stories
*Paranormal (any) 
*Fiction (any) 
*Advance Reader's Copies (ARC's)
*Realistic Fiction 

*I’m not a big fan of biographies, manuscripts, memoirs or business books (though I’m an aspiring accountant :D).. Sorry, I’m sure other bloggers would, though.

Giveaways I received, especially those Ebooks are not guaranteed for review, since it’s a giveaway and not an ARC, and I don’t feel like I’m obligated. But for the ones I enjoyed the most, I will do a review and even ask you for your other books.

Books that I have finished are kept in my bookshelf (lol) or set for giveaways, I often cover the book and I don’t turn pages more than 45 degrees. I also ask authors, if they won’t mind signing it, writing your signature, or a little message, or even better with my name.

I accept ebooks in PDF and ePub format. But I prefer physical copies of books. Who won't? ;) But ebooks usually take me sometime to read it, and so if someone offers an ebook, I'll just check it out later..:D 

(I don't have a nook or an Ereader and currently , I have some problems with my this means I will not be reviewing ebooks for awhile...)   I received some questions about this.... it is:.... I can still go online, simply because I'm using the Internet Cafe's..., and I can't stay there anytime,

thank you..:) 

I will respond as soon as possible to the review requests sent to me.


If the book is an ARC, I will review the book less than a month after I receive it. I will even put it in top priority. :D If the book was already been published, please note that it may take me awhile to review it. But rest assured, that any book I receive, considered it as reviewed. 

I cannot guarantee that I will be able to post a review for your book around its due date unless specifically requested or for a blog tour. I try my hardest to get all books reviewed in the week after, but this does not always happen.

Please allow me at least 4-6 months (maximum) to get to your book, after which, you could question my credibility :D(you can contact me for the status on my reading and review progress). If you request a date specifically then you will MOST LIKELY have your book reviewed on the date that you request. (But this only happens when a lot of books are in my hand, which fortunately, I only have at least 5 books a month).

 I have other books to review, as well as my life and study, which keeps me busy. In the summer, I have more time to review because I'm out of school. Also, I'm not paid for reviewing and most of the books I review usually are my own purchased copies or books I've won through giveaways or books given by authors and publishers.

First arrive, First Reviewed Policy.

First, my reviews are not professional reviews. They are only my thoughts and feelings about the books I read. So, you will not find any critical analysis in this blog, but only my honest personal opinion. 
My review consists of the cover of the book and the Product Details. I also include book trailer if there is any, link to the author.

It also consists of a summary, sometimes I made my own or I get it from other sites, or you could give me your own.

What my review consist differs by book; I tend to focus more on the aspects of the novel that stays with me (e.g. the writing style, the uniqueness of a plot or simply just how the author writes).

Most of the contents are:
  • writing - how well the author conveys his/her idea, readability, appeal to readers
  • characters – development, impact to readers
  • plot – uniqueness
  • quote –unforgettable ones
  • cover–uniqueness, attractiveness
  • My opinion- to recommend it or not


My accepting a book for review does not mean that I will automatically give it a good rating. But I don’t give 0/1 star either. I believe that every work should be respected. The least appealing review I’ve done consist of “this eBook is probably not for me”.

My task is to promote and not to disgrace books!

I write honest and (if applicable) constructively critical reviews. My reviews are authentic and come from my heart. How many words I put in it, depends on what I think should be said. (See my reviews here)


Besides reviews, I am also happy to host interviews, guest blogs, promos, new releases, contests or giveaways. Anything else that may come to your mind, let me know and I will consider it! Generally, I like to have a copy of the book before agreeing to conduct an interview or host a guest blog.  I’m also open to other promotional ideas so feel free to email me if you have an out-of-the-box idea.

I also post my reviews on Goodreads, LibraryThing, Barnes and Nobles, Book Depository, Google+ ,sometimes if you requested to any sites. I connect my reviews to Facebook and Twitter too. My regret though, up until now I’m not able to post to Amazon, I haven’t purchased anything yet.

 I hardly ever meet a book I don't like, so if you think I would enjoy your book, then contact me here.

I don't write reviews to discourage readers, I only write to recognize good books. So mostly, you can't find criticism here in my blog.

Thank you!


  1. Wow, Abby! This is the most detailed and exacting "About Me" and "Review Policy" that I have ever read. I am impressed and humbled at the same time.
    I think you have a great future in the Book Review world, and I am definitely subscribing to your blog!
    I am also a reviewer, not an author.
    Happy Blogging!!

    1. thanks for taking the time to read this very detailed and long posts..:D..

      and sorry for the giveaway..but there will be more next time..thanks for joining..and by the way..could you subscribe again..i just made a new thread..but then I forgot to tell my existing subscribers..:)


  2. P.S. I forgot to subscribe to this thread. So I came back just for that.


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