Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The October Five

Mobashar Qureshi really has a genius in writing mystery stories..
The October Five is a well-written story packed with mystery, action, crime,friendship,loyalty,justice, and HUMOR!
it's a wonder how humor adds up to this kind of genre, but Mr. Qureshi proves this to be possible.. which makes the story intriguing, engaging, breathtaking and bearable to the senses..
the characters are so well-developed that the story fits perfectly with them..a good read!

A young man is found strangled in his bed. Detective Karl Whaler is assigned to solve the brutal murder.

Five individuals frequently meet in a room. They have been meeting for decades.

There is another murder; this time the victim is found with his throat slashed.

Is there a link between the two murders?

Whaler's investigation leads him to the most strange and dangerous case of his career.

The October Five is a spiraling pager-turning that examines friendship, loyalty, and justice.

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