Thursday, October 27, 2011

Autumn Duchess: A Georgian Historical Romance

I always love novels that have historical setting and Autumn Duchess is definitely one, much more it’s a Georgian historical romance.

The first chapter of the book already piqued my attention, it is well written and the words were used convincingly enough to lure the readers in. I had read every word from there, especially the way Ms. Brant describes how they dress, the setting and their customs. I anticipated the next event that is going to unfold.

The plot is just wonderful, it might not be unique but it is interesting and remarkable in its own way. Antonia married the Duke of Roxton at a very young age, now that he’s dead and she’s a widow, she hadn’t accept the fact yet that he’s gone and along with it, her life and power in society. However, when Jonathon arrived, a white man who acquired a tan by living in Indonesia arrives, she found herself at the brisk of another shot in love. Would she take it, and forget that she is once a duchess or ignore him because he is 10 years younger?

The connection between the characters developed rather slowly, leaving you breathless what the author has next to offer, it keep me reading the book in one setting. The story is fully equipped with romance, history, politics, family and principles.

I enjoyed reading the witty remarks of the characters, since most of them were affiliated with politics and have a good humor when it comes to philosophies and logic. I especially appreciate those phrases, which are cited straight from historical books and persons. The romance base on political theme is a good choice, for it also enlightens readers about conflict and issues in the politics, and how’s it like at the past when monarchs rule people and here comes invasion from other states.

I am transported into a world where women were obliged to submit fully to their husbands and I felt each of the characters, which really portray their certain roles and development in the story. The author’s writing technique is one that you would surely appreciate, it is a well-written book and I felt myself experiencing the same thought and feelings. I even cried when Ms. Brant wrote how Jonathon felt when the maid narrates what the quack doctor does to Antonia..:(

What saddens me is, I think the story ended rather abruptly, I would have like it if they were married or Antonia conceive..:D I guess I am just so full of their love story… but all in all, this novel enthralls me, definitely worth reading the next in the series.


  1. This book sound so great! Thank you for the review :)

    1. If you loved historicals, then you should definitely check this out.>:D

  2. thanks for the sharing..putting it in my TBR,


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