Wednesday, October 12, 2011


This story truly could be the next "twilight". But its up to the author to live up to that and turn this book into a world of great imagination.
I found Lauren Kate's writing style to be a little bit annoying. It seemed like she can use a "creative writing" class because sometimes i just didn't understand what she was trying to convey in some paragraphs/sentences.I sometimes found myself reading some parts over and over again.And sometimes..i continued to read some lines or paragraphs even though it's for another's so hard to determine..really..

Lauren has a wonderful imagination, now she just needs to put it better into words. She sometimes had too many words thrown into a sentence that weren't even necessary to begin with. More like "fillers".
The Story was very good though. It was like for more than half the story Lauren built up this Thriller/Suspense around all her characters. Every character was well developed with an edge and mystery to them. It was like this whole jumble of mystery and confusion for more than half of the book. The next thing you know, you are 20 pages away from finishing the book, yet STILL no answers. Well, thats exactly what happened. The conclusion wasn't much of a conclusion as it was a cliff-hanger.

Honestly?...i could have thrown the book at the former chapters.. because the story was really didn't have that interesting factor..Though whatb thrills me..and what keeps me how Daniel would interact with lucy..

I have very high expectations for the next book, Torment, because *fingers crossed* many of the mystery's will be solved and questions will be answered. But i m not totally counting on that either, since this is a 4 books series and lauren will need something to talk about in those books too. *sigh* This wait is gonna kill me!! Sorry!  

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