Friday, October 28, 2011

Multiples of Six by Andy Rane

*i won this book from member giveaways program*

this is GOOD book!
from the first chapter i got really hooked in the story and the characters,..the plot is well-written and the charcaters has distinct personality that would really leave impressions to the readers..
this is an easy read with an interesting storyline that would make you think and wonder and expect the outcome of events presented in the story..

can't wait to read the next sequel!

An old woman gunned down in her home in Texas. A hunted man tired of running. A retiree out to right the wrongs of his past. An assassin with a kill list. An FBI agent done playing by the rules. And a young man whose simple life is about to be shattered. With the death of his mother just days prior, James Masterson is only scratching the surface when he discovers the assailant on his back porch is his brother...a twin brother he never knew he had. Now, he must gather all of the pieces to the unraveling puzzle that is his life, discover the truth about his past, and save his brothers. All five of them

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