Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Schliemann Legacy

*I won a free copy of this e-book in a LibraryThing Member Giveaway*

the plot of this book is intriguing,interesting and engaging, a treasure-hunt story, with vendettas and personal motives thrown all-around. The story is a fast-read, because the events are just twisted and turned upside-down that the readers wonders what will happen next. Graystone manages to combine in this work suspense, mystery, and rage. The story could be like THe national treasure, and could really be a good book if given a chance. though I agree, some parts should be re-written. But the plot is excellent and lures many readers.

A HUNT FOR TREASURE AND REVENGE 1873 – Heinrich Schliemann discovers ancient treasure in Turkey which proves the existence of Troy. 1943 – the treasure disappears from Nazi Germany. 1981 – Henri Mardinaud, international information broker, discovers the treasure in the possession of Friedrich Heiden, ex-commander of Majdanek, a Nazi extermination camp. Using his network, Henri, the master gamesman positions his players in a race for the treasure and the Nazi. David Morritt, a recently retired Mossad agent and survivor of Majdanek. Katrina Kontoravdis, a disgraced Greek intelligence operative hoping to redeem herself. Duman, a vicious Turkish terrorist who will do anything to achieve his objectives. From Europe, to Heiden's fortress in Colombia, to a secluded estate in Jamaica, Mardinaud uses the hatred between Greece and Turkey and the horror of the holocaust to fuel his twisted game. More than the treasure, survival becomes the ultimate prize in this battle of haunting memories, revenge and love.

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