Friday, October 28, 2011

Daughter of Dreams by Marshall Miller

Daughter of Dreams is a really excellent book which encompasses both sci-fi and fantasy themes..

Marshall Miller lures his readers into a world of of dreams, adventure, passion, humor, and a search for meaning which resonates deeply and leaves its mark on the heart and soul of his readers.

This book is a sci-fi/fantasy thriller with unwaivering heart that would really grip you from the first page until the last. The book is a lengthy read but fast read-it's a book wherein once you started you can't stop.the author excellently transport to the reader the contents of the book, depicts the internal war of mind, heart and politics of totalitarian domination.

the story is ever-flowing with intricate plots that leave you breathless and want to jump in the story and choke the characters. the characters are well-presented and depicted to their roles. the story would make you laugh, cry, ponder, and angry all at the same time!

it is a worth my time read which left me pondering about life, mind, love and technology! a really really good book!

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