Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Love Lust and Petty Crime

*I won a free copy of this e-book in a LibraryThing Member Giveaway*

A really great book..!
The title of this book "Love, Lust, and Petty Crime" says it all.

This is a story about friendship with four people (Jurgen, Voula, River, and Emmet) meeting at an insurance company. All are employed there and all become involved in one way or another. Twisted sisters, twisted brothers, she wants him, he wants the other, but, the characters are interrelated in a really good that makes you think..if this is even possible..but well.,.yah..the author proves it does so...
this is a great tongue twister with bends and curves that make you read it to the end to know what will really happen.
but then..their friendship and love for each other,,is the only thing that makes them work this mayhem out.. this is a funny book and would make you realize and appreciate life better...

Emmet Storch was an unemployed sponger who thought he had no calling in life. All that changed when he landed a job in the call centre at the monolithic Star Insurance where, from the very first day, he was magnificent. It was as if the very essence of insurance ran through his veins and he and his telephone were as one. Irate policyholders found comfort in his soothing words; recalcitrant contractors became polite and respectful. It would have been perfect if not for his lecherous and treacherous hormones. A humorous look at love and lust in the iAge where consumerism runs rampant and integrity can go and get stuffed.

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