Tuesday, October 11, 2011

LilyPad Princess

*I won a free copy this of e-book in a LibraryThing Member Giveaway*

a cute cute story-probably would make a child awake til the story's end..
i know the story is for children..but adults and teenagers could be lured into it too.. a different twist on the story of "the frog prince" and the "princess and the frog"..
the story is well written and easy to understand..a really good one..and the turning events are really shocking..remarkable.. probably when someone ask me the story of "the princess and the forg"..i might say this one..!:D

Princess Gwendolyn's life just got very strange. As always, there's Jack, her royal pain of a brother, but add Lily, the frog-turned-princess, and a Royal Ball to find Lily's family, and Gwendolyn is suddenly one busy girl. Now, someone or something, is attacking the castle. Is the kingdom safe, or is Jack right -- does it have something to do with the frogs?

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