Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Eighth House

*I won a free copy of this e-book in a LibraryThing Member Giveaway*

the cover of this book lures readers,..as well as the contents..
be prepared to indulge in a work of literature..which is combined of myth, magic, adventure and action..the story is well-written as well as the characters..the ever-flowing events in the story will keep you hooked up to read until the very last page.. i would really like to find other reviews..but couldn't find one beside on goodreads..a good book!

Explore New Thought principles in this coming of age novel set in a mythical world. Follow a young man's journey into mysticism and self discovery taking you to places you never imagined existed. Through Ancient Wisdom, Grandfather learns he must find a way to control his visioning process.

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