Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Evermore: The Immortals 1

Evermore is the first novel of a new very interesting series, fans of Twilight, Vampire Academy and such won't be disapdointed with that novel! The cover attracted me at the internet, and even though I had never heard about the book I just had to download it and let me tell you it was worth every single penny.

Ever is definitely not your teen-next-door, she's got psychic power she'd rather not have: she can see aura's, read thoughts and.. see ghosts. In fact she sees one ghost: her little sister. Her sister is one cute little thing who adds a touch of lightness to the story. Everything gets mysterious when Damen "the new guy" shows up at her high school, the guy is smoky-sexy, secretive and he can silence the world for her. Most of the book their relationship is like a roller coaster, full of ups and downs and you have no idea if they will end up together or not. Most importantly we have no idea what Damen is, one thing is sure that guy isn't normal either.
But then choosing between immortal powers and family...i would really choose my family...
this book was full of morals.. and off course teen issues...

I really enjoyed it! The story was different from the Vampire boost in popularity (not that I mind vampires, my all time favorite series is about them) , it's very refreshing.

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