Monday, October 3, 2011


this is a cute book with a cute story, though the scenes are over than cute :)
if you're looking for a romance with an air cuteness and sweetness, then you must read Glazed.
The plot is well-written, I also like the way the 2 characters meet.(Kelly accidentally had taken a nude picture of Derek, Kelly never expects to see him again. But when he almost runs her over the next day, sparks fly. It was a typical story, that a couple or to-be-couple should undergo some obstacles along the way, and later find their way into each others arms again.

Kelly want to runs a business and Derek has one. But she was determined not to have a guy to be distracted, while he on the other hand, won't stop at nothing to get her. It was an awesome read, with a taste of sweetness, emphasized more by the treats Derek sells. This is not-overrated, actually the spice in this romance book is just right, to take your mind from imagining things, but not so over the top, to keep you from reading.
a fast and an enjoyable read.

looking forward to more of this author..:)

you can have your own copy here!

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