Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dancing on the Inside

this was a very good book, which for me really has a piece of me since I love dancing, especially ballet, but then I didn't have the chance to be a part of it though, :).

yet still, I enjoyed the book , I find it light to read but has really deeper meanings than just the words being thrown by the characters. The book is a lot more, it makes us value ourselves more, treasure friendships, to see the shimmer in ourselves instead of our folws, to be brave enough to pursue our dreams, instead of being afraid to try and fail, YEAH, it made me realie so much. the book is not just actually for young girls it would appeal to anyone who has dreams and wanted them so badly, even if there are times it seems so out of reach. The story is typical a yound girl, 12 year old Jenny who reallu love ballet, but could not really perform well in front of other people, oh my gosh, even in front of her teacher or in class, but then she manage to let them just observe the class, and sge practices in her room and memorizes all the steps secretly. that was she is, until she meets Ara, who instantly became her bestfriend, .they praCtice together and bring the best within each other. Although she's a total opposite of jenny, she's unafraid and passionate, they've been connected, friendships is not about similarities, it's about accepting the differences.

Jenny then discovered with the help of their new instructor that she has real talent for choreography, and then they work together to put on the spring recital, an original ballet.

The story flowed naturally, and the characters are typical teens, with insecurities, doubts, talents, secrets, bonds, happiness, etc.. Their personalities and dreams, as well as the author's light words, will help in alluring girls to read this book.! great book!

you can find your own copy here!

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