Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Two Graves: A Kesle City Homicide Novel

* I won a free copy of this book from the Librarything Giveaway Program*

i always loved action/mystery/crime/detective books.. and two graves made it on my list.. The plot of the story was typical- a child who grew up into a man bearing all the pain and sorrows of him being bullied since he was a kid, a child who dreams to take the bullies down one day. But from that starting point Mr. Graystone made a wonderful impact by letting his readers know the reason behind the present action of the man-who became a serial killer ( actually by accident, but because of that first kill, he developed a surge of power and passion to kill those who bullied him). And so, the story reaches it's best, when he now, looks up and searched in the internet for the look-alikes of the persons who hurt him in the past and made them his target for the kill.

The story is amazing because it entices passion, sympathy towards the killer!!! yeah, that's how i feel, it also gives you a point-of-view from both the policemen and the criminal.
the story was well-written, the characters are developed so well, and every twist and turn in the events, make you brace yourself and to flip the pages more..

a good book!

you can find your own copy here!

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