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Passion is the third book in the Fallen series by Lauren Kate. Published by Random House, Passion has a release date of 23rd June and is 432 pages long. Thanks to the publisher for providing an ARC for review.

Before Luce and Daniel had ever met at Sword and Cross school, before they had a massive showdown with the Immortals, they had shared so many previous lives with each other. Not knowing what their relationship is really all about, Luce is determined to figure it all out, by going back and witnessing these lives, and their love, for herself.

Desperate to unlock the secret that hold their relationship in a complicated curse, Luce is determined to find out what that secret is and how she goes about breaking the curse once and for all. Will delving into past lives she isn’t supposed to remember ruin what she has with Daniel, after seeing who he has been his whole life, with and without her. Surely over the span of centuries, Daniel couldn’t have always been a complete saint…could he?

My review:
Due to the nature of the plot, each chapter explores a different era throughout time. in this book, Luce together with a gargoyle named Bill, traveled backward into her and Daniel's past. Luce discovered all the stages of their love, even those which are not good. but for better or for worse, Daniel was always there, at her side.
this is a nice book as it, unveils their past..and answers the questions i'm dying to know like what is the reason of their curse... and why does Luce always burn up in flames... this book will really keep you reading and it will give you glimpses...sorry..but not just could at least imagine yourself traveling from era to era..

Of course, with a title like Passion, the book had to at least have some of that but I am glad to say, it has bucket loads. Highly recommended but only if you have read the previous books, because if not you might lose yourself.

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