Monday, October 3, 2011


hmmph.. first and foremost, i think the cover of the books appealed most to readers, even if they hadn't known what the story is all about... so for me, the cover isn't that appealing, but the story is unique and a wonderful sci-fi.

although other reviewers said, the characters are weak, they just became more realistic, because humans are weak so as it seems, it makes them vulnerable. although i must admit that Brighton's arrogance defined him well, and made him stand out:)

there are some aspects of the book, that was i guess a bit too long for dialogues(I'm not so into dialogues, sorry!), but i enjoyed the amount of romance and action there..

the story was well-written, which made it easy to read, and the author knows just where to put the right turns and twist ,and amount of revelations to make the readers continue reading.

definitely gonna be reading the sequel.. ( )

you can find your own copy here!

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