Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Color My Horse

*I won a free copy of this e-book in a LibraryThing Member Giveaway*

this is a cute country book with a mix of romance and thriller..
The story is set as a heiress attempts to escape her grandfather's iron-fisted control, but later encountered an uncompromising horse trainer who has little tolerance for greenhorns, especially one he’s been forced to hire.

The trainer Mark Russell never expected his rookie groom to have the spunk or savvy to last at his demanding race barn. Or that his reluctant respect would turn to desire. But as the forbidden attraction between them sizzles, manipulation and murder threaten not only his horses but also their lives. And suddenly a Breeders’ Cup win is the very least of his worries.

This book is a real fast-read and would leave you wondering at the end if you had really just finish reading it. the story is well-written, the plot is remarkable and full of warmth which invites the readers to read more. THe characters, especially the horses, are real and well-developed that tends to lure readers into their situations and emotions.

at first though, I'm not at all sure if horse story would affect me, but then it did. for me, actually it is more of a romance with its basis on a horse tale, mixed with murder, and country life.. all in all.,,the author wonderfully weaves a thorough story which would captivate everyone's heart. simply written but well-written.

you can find your own copy here!

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