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Disclaimer: Don’t read this, if you haven’t read the first book. :)

Unwelcome (Archangel Academy #2) 

  • Author: Michael Griffo
  • Reading level: Ages 14 and up
  • Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Kensington; Original edition (September 1, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0758253397
  • ISBN-13: 978-0758253392
  • Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (1 customer review)
Archangel Academy is more than a school to Michael Howard. Within its majestic buildings and serene English grounds, he's found friends, new love, and a place that feels more like home than Nebraska ever did. But the most important gift of Archangel Academy is immortality. . .

Life as a just-made vampire is challenging for Michael, even with Ronan, an experienced vamp, to guide him. Michael's abilities are still raw and unpredictable. To add to the turmoil, the ancient feud between rival vampire species is sending ripples of discord through the school. And beneath the new headmaster's charismatic front lies a powerful and very personal agenda.

Yet the mysteries lurking around the Academy pale in comparison to the secrets emerging from Michael's past. And choosing the wrong person to trust—or to love—could lead to an eternity of regret. . .

One drop
Two drops
Three drops
Water is mixed
With blood once more

Shadows and light
on a crimson stain

will the sun prevail?
Or will darkness reign

As expected, :), this is the poem symbolizing the story of Unwelcome, the 2nd Archangel Academy Novel by Mr. Griffo.

In this book, Michael is now a water-vamp and he will experience changes both physically and emotionally, that most of the time, he and Ronan argued. He discovered the dark past of his mother’s death and the true identity of his father.

Saiorse, Ronan’s sister is another character added to the already complicated family-line of Ronan. She is special in her own way and an important figure in the lives of the water-vamps. The story itself would unravel her true identity.

In the first book, Ciaran’s identity and past was a mystery to me, and although some of it was explained or we’re given glimpses to what happened in the second, I guess it’s not really that clear, and of course, there comes Edwige’s past, which is not clear also. But maybe it was just a tease, and these parts will be explained in the third book.

Of all the characters, I love Ronan the most, he is an ideal figure of a boyfriend, though I hate the fact that he keeps things to himself, thinking that he’s protecting others, but they would later find out and lead to complications. He is handsome, caring, thoughtful, gentleman, wise, and understanding. No matter what Michael does, he still cares for him and understands. He isn’t perfect, there are a lot of flaws in his characteristics, but that makes him human ,..lol, and therefore easy to comprehend.

This book is filled with lots of revelations from the past, identities, character’s significance in the story and shocking outcomes. A lot of characters from the first book had landed to different situations in the second, it is unimaginable, as well as maybe the right thing for them. And of course, new characters emerge, and new answers are given so that new questions may arise.
I just hope that the love story between Imogene and Penry, Phaedra and Frits could have ended differently.. :(. They were 2 cute couple.

The book may look too long to read, but the events in the story are continuous and short. There was never a dull part in the story, right amounts of twist and turns make it hard to put the book down. Mr. Griffo writes with vivid descriptions and well-chosen words to better emphasize the feelings and thoughts of the characters.

I will be forever twined in the love story of Michael and Ronan, the First and the Other, whom despite everything, stays strong.

“Forever Beautiful, Forever Mine”

A really great book!


  1. Hmm.. I haven't read this book, nor this genre, but it seems to be ok, so I'll try this next time I'm in the bookstore..

  2. Try it out..it's cool if you're on to this kind of genre..:)


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