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  •  Author: Jack Kilborn (aka J.A. Konrath) and Blake Crouch
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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  • Language: English
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Jack Kilborn (aka J.A. Konrath) and Blake Crouch turn their attention to the twin golden rules of hitchhiking:

# 1: Don’t go hitchhiking, because the driver who picks you up could be certifiably crazy.

# 2: Don’t pick up hitchhikers, because the traveler you pick up could be a raving nutcase.

So what if, on some dark, isolated road, Crazy #1 offered a ride to Nutcase #2?

When two of the most twisted minds in the world of horror fiction face off, the result is SERIAL, a terrifying tale of hitchhiking gone terribly wrong. Like a deeply twisted version of an “After School Special,” SERIAL is the single most persuasive public service announcement on the hazards of free car rides.

Beyond a thrilling piece of horrifying suspense, SERIAL is also a groundbreaking experiment in literary collaboration. Kilborn wrote the first part. Crouch wrote the second. And they wrote the third together over email in 100-word exchanges, not aware of each other’s opening section. All bets were off, and may the best psycho win.

SERIAL contains the short story, SERIAL, a Q&A with Kilborn and Crouch, author bibliographies, and excerpts of Crouch’s DESERT PLACES, Konrath’s SHAKEN, and their collaboration with F. Paul Wilson and Jeff Strand, DRACULAS.

*Note: SERIAL is an 8000-word short story. SERIAL is fully contained in SERIAL UNCUT. BAD GIRL + TRUCK STOP + SERIAL = SERIAL UNCUT. I must say that this is the sickest book I’ve ever heard…. Well, Serial was meant to be this way…

I very well understands the warning text before reading this book… You must not really try to read this if you are weak or else the vivid descriptions of the morbidity written in this book would forever plagued your mind… So heed the warning, before it’s too late..

Salute to both writers because they do make a good combination of their writing skills… Both of the characters are unique in their own way and at the same time they do make a good connection to bring the story to its ending… I am sick and suffering from nightmares..:)…since reading this..

At the first scenes, I already saw and felt what the book is all about..but due to the story’s uniqueness and its theme, I continued… The story got more and more intense and more and more brutal…. Can’t describe it myself…

One thing though, I believe the story is more powerful when they wrote it individually….when they have written the separate story of the hitchhiker and the driver… I was fascinated and frightened by it… But when they have collaborated…yup…the ending is still just that I felt that it ended fast..or I didn’t feel what I feel in the beginning… as if it just ends…hope they’ll do something with it…(sooory…I don’t know what’s lacking!)

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