Friday, December 30, 2011

Review: Campaign Promises

Campaign Promises
Campaign Promises by Laurel Osterkamp

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Campaign Promises is a novella by Laurel Osterkamp, a story of a high-school girl Lucy and her humorous principles and ideas about politics and politicians, how she compare politics in everyday situations and how she grown up in the midst of politics, though she’s just in charge of the campaign.

The life of Lucy is rather insignificant compared to the life and opinions about the politicians presented in this novella. Lucy’s own story though, I appreciate the suspense of who she’s going to end up with, it develop rather fast or maybe just because this is a novella, that might be the reason. But as I’ve noticed the author writes stages of her life, making the story a fast-paced one, and jumping from one time to another, nevertheless, it’s defined clearly and well-written.

The characters develop well and most of life issues are tackled here, like family, death, break-ups, high school drama, first love, views about marriage, untimely pregnancy and elections. The words used have the power to make the readers believe and read more.

I honestly like this book and the idea it presented. Ms. Osterkamp writes clearly and has her own way of words to better communicate with the readers. I guess this novella, is more like a political analyst article than a story but the fusion is really great..:)

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