Thursday, December 29, 2011

Amadeus, Trust No One!

Amadeus, Trust No One! by Geoffrey Brokos

  • Paperback: 152 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace (September 9, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1466286423
  • ISBN-13: 978-1466286429
Banned in Utah and Nevada, and burned by the Westboro Baptist Church. ATNO! was also made into an intense audio-book (music, sound effects) and narrated huge youtube comedian Brock Baker.

Readers should note that this is not a deep story, but something fun/ridiculous and spoofing on conspiracy thrillers. ATNO! is fast pace, short and on crack. Perfect for something to read on a long trip, boring day at work
Phil, a psych student and street musician, is offered a chance to have his college loan's paid off. In-return, he must become disguised as a security guard at Disneyland, to help an F.B.I agent who doesn't have a warrant find a bomb. Phil stumbles across something deadlier than the bomb and it might just get him assassinated. Join in on an intense dark comedy, heart-pounding thriller, which will have you asking the question : "Who do you trust?"

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or for the short attention span.

I just love this book!

From the cover up to its end..though it’s a bit goric…
The story is fast-paced, full of twist and turns, unexpected situations, revelations and outcomes..
There comes even a time, when I was lost a second, ( that’s how past everything happens)… what’s great here, is the story didn’t need to jump from one scene to another, it just that the flow is perfect leading this one to another.. it just fits perfectly…

I also salute Mr. Brokos for an innovative mind, and the things he revealed as US government conspiracy.. it’s awesome and stunning..(well, if those things actually happen in life…

I remember came back for my things in the baggage counter in a mall, the baggage boy asked me, if this book is really based on truth… I asked him why would he say that..and he said he can’t help but get curious especially when he saw the cover but swore that he only read the first pages… well, what can I say, I don’t know too, since the author said in a note to a reader that this is based on real people and locations… so it’s up to YOU..what d’you think about the book.

Suspense, thrill, conspiracies, deceit and humor pack up into a little book..That’s another thing I want to take up here, I really wish it’s a little bit longer…I was left wanting for more when I turned the page and discovered the was truly a cliff-hanger yet fulfilling!

Recommended to everyone who wants to experience some spooky and conspiring tale!... A really good book!

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