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The Beloved

The Beloved

The Beloved by P.A. Minyard
Gabriel Walker had the perfect life: a loving wife and a baby on the way until a seemingly random crime left him stranded between life and death. Caught up in a battle between good and evil, Gabe discovers he has been chosen to join a centuries-old secret brotherhood. The question is, why was he chosen, and will he survive long enough to find out?
At first, I’m not so interested with this book, the cover is wonderful but I thought it’s boring , well, I mean so religious , what with the rosary and ring..(sorry!).. but that’s my mistake when I started reading this book, it was thrilling and interesting!

The storyline is unique ( yep, I haven’t heard anyone like this).. and of course the characters are well-selected and unique in their own way.

As I’m sure like any reader would say, I felt the characters… especially Gabriel when he made his ultimate decision, when one part of you wanted it for yourself and another for others.

The alternating stories of the past and present are well-written, coming up on the right time. Both stories Gabriel and Michael are identical and inspiring. And what happened to both of their lives are just proofs that God meant His children to be well. Actually, I didn’t expect Michael’s life to end that way..I though he’s gonna oopss…:)

At the very end, I was a little bit lost as to what the war was for…although I understand how it ended….maybe for power? Dominance?

The book left me asking myself that if ever that happens to me, would I let God used me? Would I become His beloved?... If you think of it it’s actually hard you know….

Every aspect of the society or family was also talked about… family, father and child, a child toward others, brothers, friends and others..

So for everyone who wants a good story truly inspired by God.. grab this one now!

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  1. Very intriguing review, Amy.
    Makes me want to buy, (or win!), a copy very soon!!


    1. Thanks for entering that giveaway..:)
      And congrats for winning it..:D


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