Monday, July 9, 2012

Polls on Book/E-book Giveaway: I need your opinion!

Hi everyone, so I'm sure you still remember the E-book Giveaway Blast, 2 weeks ago right? Click here, if you're one of the unlucky to not heard of it.

Now some of you asked me to make another giveaway like that since they hadn't had the time to join our fun and win e-books. SO what can you do???

 Let me hear your opinions about making this E-book Giveaway a weekly event here on Bookshelf Confessions.

Do you want to have a weekly e-book giveaway on this blog???
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Plus, not only that, I'm thinking of giving away my review copies at home too... Wouldn't that be cool for you?.. And adding print copies to the digital ones...
What type of books do you want to win???
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Hmmmph, I wonder what should we call this giveaway..:D


  1. I think it's a great idea to host giveaways on a weekly basis. I'm actually thinking about doing something similar on my blog, like at least once a month. So... Great idea!! :D

  2. A weekly giveaway is a great idea! And, honestly, I like print books more than ebooks! :) But at the end it really doesn't matter


Your comments are very much appreciated!

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