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Blog Tour (Writer's Cave and Giveaway):Final Life by Rose Garcia

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Final Life
The Blurb

Eight lives. You'd think Dominique would get it right, but she's failed every time. Now on her final life, Dominique must discover the secrets of her past before confronting the Transhuman hunter who wants to kill her for the last time. Farrell, a mysterious Transhuman protector, and Trent, a hot guy from school, want to help. But it's up to her to get it right this time—or she’ll be dead. For real.

 **Guest Post**
Rose Garcia

Where I Write

Working from home is one of the hardest things to do because there are waaay too many distractions! (Especially now because it’s summer!) First and foremost, my boy child and girl child and my furry babies Spotty Dotty and Daisy Ginger always want something that only I can get them! Then, there’s the fridge that always seems to call out to me, plus the occasional neighbor who wants to come by and chit chat. With all that working against me, it’s SUPER IMPORTANT that I have a nice and cozy workspace. Luckily, I have three workspaces that I rotate through. Check it out…


Just off the kitchen is the study. There are two workspaces in there—a long built-in desk with a glass top, and a small wood desk that faces a wall. (See pics.) My preferred workspace is the built-in desk with the glass top. Why? Well, I don’t know! Other than it’s roomy and I can turn to the right and look out the window. But it has a glass top! And gets dirty super easily! I blame my darling kids who leave smudge marks on the glass, crumbs in the keyboard, and dirty plates and cups nearby. This drives me NUTS! When I have the time and energy, I give the desk a good cleaning. When I’m not in the mood to clean, which is kinda always, I simply rotate out and go to workspace number two.

Ahhh… workspace number two… I like the wood 
desk because it’s smaller and always clean and tidy. I also like it because the desk and lamp came from my beautiful mother-in-law whom I lost to cancer a few years ago. This space is more intimate, more cozy. Plus, the computer is newer! But then, sometimes I get sick of the study. That’s when I move to workspace number three. (Where I’m sitting right now as a matter of fact!)

Workspace number three is in the den, on the floor by the coffee table. (see pic) I like being in here because my den is lined by huge windows, so there’s lots of light. I also like to look at the wall of art that I call the Rose Gallery. It’s peaceful in here, especially when my sweet darling children are hogging the study and using both desktops—like they’re doing right now!!

So, that’s it! My three workspaces! I hope you guys can find a workspace, or two or three, that work for you!

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  1. the goodies would be used for my collection of authros goodies i have collected

  2. Well, I've only have one workspace: My bedroom. It's my only space that It can be quite and nobody bothers me :) Maybe I found another one in a future (Maybe if I move to a bigger house)

  3. Thanks so much, to everyone who entered.>:D
    Check out the Giveaway at the tab for more chances to win.>:D


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