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Book Review: Retribution

Retribution by Kelsey Miller
  • Paperback: 324 pages
  • Publisher: Miller Publishing (October 3, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0983960801
  • ISBN-13: 978-0983960805
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Not all Vampires drink blood...
As the reluctant wolf heir to the Lyall Family, Faolan is no stranger to killing Vampires. But even he is unprepared for the two Changelings who attack him one day during his patrol. The two young Vampires make no move to seriously harm Faolan, and despite his confusion at their odd behavior he manages to get away.
Shortly thereafter he is attacked by a mysterious Vampire. However, instead of killing Faolan, she coerces him into joining her quest to kill the elusive vampyre, Hunter.
But can Faolan trust her? And why is he forced from his wolf form whenever he fights this Vampire? Faolan will have to work quickly to discover her secrets before both of them are killed...

First and foremost, let’s talk about the cover. Although I really loved the artistic design, this book would be better with a more improved one, that would make it look really paranormal.

As the summary says, “Retribution” is about werewolves and vampires. I know a lot of teens out there are bored with these same themes, but believe me this book had taken a different level on this genre.

The plot was well-thought of and the writing keeps you hooked with the book. Most of the conflicts happen even before the main characters met, so it’s hard to tell what evil hides in their adventure and who’s really behind it.

The characters felt real as far as paranormal goes. Ms. Kelsey Miller did a wonderful job in showing as each of her characters distinct personalities, rather than tell. I also loved the poems as prologue and epilogue, behind the words lies so much of what the book contains.

I never felt bored even in just a second. There’s always action lurking around, lots of it and something real too that the story doesn’t feel force. There are surprises, twist and turns in the story that I never saw coming. One second you thought it was over, the next a series of another conspiracy and a greater conflict would show up, that would leave you wondering what would happen next?

Although, there’s just a bit of romance in this book, it was enough to give us break of the never-ending thrills and suspense that this book presents. But then, like any other teen, I would have want to see this romance blossom into something deeper in the next book, if ever there is, although I’m sure the author is working on it.

Speaking of a sequel, the author left us in a great cliff-hanger. It’s right when, I don’t want to put the book down but have too, because I’m on the last page. Can’t wait for the sequel to “Retribution”.
“Retribution” is one of the best books I’ve read concerning werewolves and vampires. I was thoroughly impressed and entertained whenever I turn the page. Friendship, love, trust, revenge, betrayal, myths and action, “Retribution” gives you a captivating, entertaining and refreshing story any paranormal enthusiast would surely enjoy

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