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Book Review: Blood Feud

Blood Feud by Steven A. Roman
  • Paperback: 320 pages
  • Publisher: STARWARP CONCEPTS (June 15, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0984174109
  • ISBN-13: 978-0984174102
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Sixteen-year-old Goth girl Pandora Zwieback has a major problem: she’s just discovered that her New York City hometown is the stalking ground for every monster and ghoul out to raise a little hell (literally!) . . . BUT she’s apparently the only one who can see them. That means she can’t tell her friends or family about the dangers around them—not unless she wants to spend the rest of her life locked up in a psychiatric ward.

But before Pan has a chance to make sense of her increasingly weird life, she finds herself in the middle of a war among rival vampire clans. Elegant Gothic Lolitas from Japan on one side, silk-suited London vamps on the other, leather-clad hunters from Eastern Europe in the middle, and all after the same prize: a mysterious crate recently delivered to the horror-themed museum owned by Pan’s father.

What is the terrifying secret of Item #179? How do its contents tie into an incident from the blood-drenched past of Pan’s new friend, a 400-year-old, shape-shifting monster hunter named Annie? And, more important, will Pan survive long enough to get any answers?

First off, let’s talk about the cover. I know some people had some negative say on it, but hey the book is set to look like comics, and I for one loved the art. From Pandora’s hair to her nails, everything was well-thought of. It makes her unique from all other heroines out there. So if you’re not so into the cover, just don’t mind it but let yourself be transported into Pandora’s story.

I admit the book was a little bit slow at the beginning, but later I realized the author was just giving us a backstory so that we would not get confused, by the fast-paced story awaiting us in the next chapters. From there, there’s action almost everywhere.

I loved the pop-cultured dialogues, descriptions of New York City and the different monsters that lurks hidden behind the shadows and I especially loved Pan and her 400-year-old, shape-shifting monster hunter friend named Annie. Whoa!, yup she’s 400-year-old but still beautiful and hot and there’s more stuffs awaiting to be revealed in the book.

I really liked Pan, forget about her gothic look but this chic is someone that is easy to relate to and loved. She is the best personification of a good friend. I would never mind being friends with someone who has “monster-vision” if they are as good, loyal and helpful as Pan..:) Also her relationship with her parents and friends makes reading this book outstanding from others.

There are also those supporting characters who made a life of their own that I was instantly rooting for. And hey, there’s little on the romance department, but it’s not a letdown, since the book doesn’t need it anyway..:).. maybe more to see on romance with the next book. And there’s actually little violence, so safe for younger teens.

This is one of those books that didn’t really end up in a cliffhanger, in fact it gives nothing away; the ending was simply amazing. And for the first time, I realize that if the book is good enough, it doesn’t need to have a cliffhanger or a teaser at the end to make you buy the next one. Instead, it would make use of the story as what it is and let the reader decide whether he should forget about reading the book or beg for the next one. And “Blood Feud” is one of these books.

“Blood Feud” is packed with comedy, horror, romance, paranormal urban fantasy, gothic themes and lots of hunting adventure that would surely bury its story on your mind. One of the best books I’ve read in paranormal urban fantasy.

Entertaining, Engaging, full of action and twist, Blood Feud gives me an emotional roller coaster ride, that left me breathless and wanting for more. I could easily picture Blood Feud being turned into a TV series or even a movie..:D

Can’t wait for “Blood Reign”- the 2nd book in The Saga of Pandora Zwieback. Highly Recommended for mature teens and young adult readers!

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