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Book Review: Little Brother's World

Little Brother's World by T. Jackson King

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  • Paperback: 218 pages
  • Publisher: Fantastic Books (September 14, 2010)
  • Language: Engdlish
  • ISBN-10: 1604599405
  • ISBN-13: 978-1604599404
"From Scavenger to Justice seeker, his courage shakes his world…"

Little Brother had survived as an orphan on the colony planet Mother's World by following two very firm rules in his scavenging through the Alor City trash dump: First, you grabbed anything edible before the valuables. Second, you never talked to the garbage. But then the Pube girl Sally talked to him—and he talked back, even though she was tied up "garbage" deposited in the dump.

To make matters worse, Sally was not your everyday garbage person. She was a Breed, a person with a finely tailored genetic code whose geneflesh was very, very valuable on a world of rigid castes, hard choices, and little sympathy for those who questioned the rules. And keeping secret Sally's genetic heritage took more than a robe with long sleeves to hide the GeneCode tattoo on her wrist.

For rather than be happy with a full belly and a warm place to sleep, Sally questioned the way of Mother's World, and her questioning drew unwanted attention. Before Little Brother knew it, they were both on the run to escape the deadly attention of the Church of Flesh and the assassin of Sally's parents.

Little Brother discovered that, in rescuing Sally, he had begun a quest to learn why he alone had been born without the GeneCode tattoo that set one's status, job, and destiny. That quest would lead him to a truth that some on his world would kill to keep secret—and the lives of two young people count for nothing in the Game of Power. But Little Brother has a Talent stronger than hatred or power, a Talent linked to his birth without a GeneCode tattoo. It is a Talent that might help both of them survive.…

LittleBrother’s World is a sci-fi novel where Genetic Engineering exists. Everyone has a unique gene-code tattooed on the arm. This Gene-Code serves as your destiny; this defined the job, status, level of education a person is allowed. Little Brother, whose daily routine is to scavenge in a garbage dump is the only one who do not have a GeneCode tattoo. Little does he know that what comes from that fact is a Talent that would greatly help him and Sally.

The cover could be improved while the description is an impressive one. It contains enough details and enough thrill to make the book buyers/readers grab it and settle for an afternoon read…:)

This book is well-written and had a well-defined plot. Mr. King made a world of genetic engineering with a very clear idea of the people, culture, and everything. It seems that every detail had been very well-thought of, from the birth, tattoos, society rules and even the conflicts.

I never found a boring part in the story. It was fast-paced and keep me entertained all throughout. The characters are fascinating and likable too.

This book made me realize about a possible outcome, when finally science and technology wins over traditional ones. It is a harsh world. It is unfair how the rules applied and how a person can be defined by just a mere code. Although, I really liked this fictional world and was amazed by the different things in it, I can’t imagine myself in that world, if it actually happens someday. I might never live a day in it.>:D
See, this book made me see a future in it. This is how absorbed I am.>D

I just noticed though that Little Brother and Sally’s love story developed a little fast. Nonetheless, I enjoyed their banter, Sally’s inquisitive questions and Little Brother’s patience and understanding.
All in all, Little Brother’s World is another sci-fi novel from T. Jackson King that is both exciting, thrilling and fun. Full of suspense, adventure, romance, secrets, conspiracies, this book would take you in a roller-coaster ride.

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