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Author Interview and Giveaway: Kelsey Miller

Today, I have the honor of interviewing author Kelsey Miller of Retribution. Thanks so much Kelsey for giving us your time. I was really having fun with this interview..:).. but first let's have a peak in her book.

Not all Vampires drink blood...

More cunning and intuitive than the other wolves in his Family, Faolan has never had a problem killing their Vampire enemies. Yet even he is unprepared for the two Changelings—newly turned Vampires—who attack him one day during his patrol. The Changelings make no move to kill Faolan, and puzzled by their strange behavior, he flees. Before the wolves can determine the cause, Faolan is attacked again.

Faolan barely has time to parry the Vampire’s blows before he is ripped from his wolf form. Cowering as a human, Faolan waits for death, yet the Vampire inexplicably spares his life—but her action comes with a price.

The Vampire claims she does not drink blood. Instead, she has vowed to kill her nemesis, Hunter, an elusive vampyre with special abilities responsible for a tragedy the Vampire refuses to disclose. She compels Faolan into joining her on a week-long journey to acquire information from Hunter’s retired executioner. Faolan’s father forces him into going, and after the Vampire saves his life, Faolan realizes that the two of them will be partners for much longer than seven days.

Faolan and the Vampire are bound together by a force older than any of them can imagine, and only they can hope to defeat Hunter. However, the Vampire has not been entirely truthful. What is she keeping from Faolan? And will he be able to learn her secret before both of them are killed?
Check out my review on Retribution.and tell me what you think..:)

 Now onto the interview:

If you would become one of the characters of your book, who would it be?
Oh, the Vampire. Definitely. She just has this sassy energy. She really doesn't let anyone push her around. I love that. I think we need more strong females like her.

If this would turn into a movie, who would be the main cast?
I LOVE this question (because what author doesn't want to see their creation come to life one day). It's actually pretty funny, because when I wrote this book, I had a strong picture in my mind of what Faolan looked like, and a few years later I discovered Alex Pettyfer. OHMYGAWD that guy is attractive. And he pretty much fits Faolan perfectly.
Alex Pettyfer

Teresa Palmer
For the Vampire, it's a little harder, because she has such a strong personality in my mind. But I really liked the spunk Teresa Palmer brought to the Number 6 character in I Am Number Four (which Alex just so happened to star in...).

One/Two word/s that describe your book? Hmm...I would have to say "twisted". There's lots of surprises in my book. One sentence: Why we should read your book?
My book has actually terrifying vampires and werewolves.

Music or Book? Why?

Jeez. Hard question. I love music, but I'd die without books.
Love or Life? Why?
Uh, probably life. I don't think I'd ever die for someone I (romantically) loved. Then again, I've never been in love, so I can't really say...
Reality or Fantasy? Why?
Fantasy. Way more opportunities. 

(Please complete the sentences)
If I can’t sleep
, I would probably read. If I didn't die, that is. The craziest thing I did was literally write out my book. I'm never doing that again. My greatest dream is to be an author sustained by her writing. ;) The place I’d like to go someday is the Maldives, since they're sinking. But that's just one of many, many places I'd like to visit. One thing people don’t know about me is that I am a business student, which seems paradoxical, but yeah, it's true. I wish I had written the Hunger Games. And Harry Potter, of course.

Is there anything else you'd like to say?

I want to mention that I am participating in the No Strings Attached Giveaway Hop, which starts on the 17th, so if anyone is interested, they'll be able to enter to win a copy of Retribution. The link to that is:


 Kelsey Miller began RETRIBUTION when she was fourteen. Now, five years later, the book is finally completed.

She is finishing up her year as a college freshman, and plans to continue writing. RETRIBUTION is her first novel, and she is set to begin work on the sequel this summer.
You can keep up with her at

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Read the Interview to find out!

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