Saturday, June 16, 2012

Winners #1

 Been busy this day, but finally guys,..I could announce the winners of some of the giveaways for the past month.. and from now on I decided to announce the winners for the month only once..--which is at the end of the month..:) Well, this post is an exemption, here are the winners for May and early June Giveaways:

Cover Unveiled + Swag Giveaway: Flight by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Alyssa Snyder- Signed Flight Bookmark


Giveaway Hop: My Favorite Reads

Kiel24- The Gathering Storm, Dragonswood , Tempest


2nd Annual Splash Into Summer Giveaway Hop

Annie B.- Any book from the book depository

Author Interview +Giveaway+Free Kindle: Melissa Wright of The Frey Saga

 Kristina Yeager- Signed Paperback of Frey+bookmark

 Kelly- either Pieces of Eight or Molly

Lissette M -either Pieces of Eight or Molly


Guest Post and Giveaway: Ami Blackwelder

April Alvey, Jennifer N., Shara D.
 e-book copy of She Speaks to Angels

 Jen Le- ARC of Kill Me

Beckie- Guitar Pick necklace


Guest Post and Giveaway: Unspent Time Launch Party

Cecilia Huddleston-  Kindle Fire

Kathy Habel- Kindle Touch

Author Interview+ Giveaway: Amber Garr (Promises and Betrayal)

 Jamie- first choice


e-book of Promises or Betrayal

Thanks so much to everyone who entered::) Keep coming for more chances of winning!!!


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