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Book Review: Virgo

Virgo by Joanna Martine Woolfolk

  • Paperback: 96 pages
  • Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing (November 16, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 158979558X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1589795587
Your Sun sign (often referred to simply as your sign) is the zodiac sign the Sun was traveling through at the time of your birth. Your Sun sign is the most important and pervasive influence in your horoscope and in many ways determines how others see you. It governs your individuality, your distinctive style, and your drive to fulfill your goals. It symbolizes the role you are given to play in this life. It s as if at the moment of your birth you were pushed onstage into a drama called This Is My Life. In this drama, you are the starring actor and your sign is the character you play.This elegant little volume is packed with what your Sun sign tells you about you. You ll read about your many positive qualities as well as your negative issues and inclinations. You ll find insights into your power, potentials, and pitfalls; advice about relationships, love, and sex; clarification on erogenous zones and how you combine romantically with other signs; guidance regarding career, health, and diet; and information about myriads of objects, places, concepts, and things to which you re attached. You ll also find topics not usually included in other astrology books such as how you fit in with Chinese astrology and with numerology.

I’ve always been fond of astrology, especially horoscopes . I know some people don’t believe, I didn’t even really, well, not just so much. I just found it as an art and a little too magical that sometimes it made us see ourselves in a different way or makes us see the traits we’re denying/hiding. Since I am a Virgo, I ask Ms. Woolfolk for a copy of her book and this by no means influence my review.

I find the book, entertaining and very easy to read. It’s just like the book personified into a person telling me things about my sign and myself. No old English words or whatsoever, it simply wants to talk to you about YOU. I understand every bit of it and digested the facts and advices accordingly. I actually read the whole book in one sitting.>:D. I think I should credit that to how the author efficiently wrote it.

The book touches every aspect of human life, personality, career, health, ambitions and love. Every chapter contains advices and words of wisdom that made me really think. I mean, like all of it are true and will come true. I find myself nodding in some of the words in it like, “Hey, that’s definitely me you’re talking about”..:D.. and of course it made my thoughts processed more about how this book defines almost all of me without the author knowing me in the first place.

One question pops in my mind though, “Are all Virgo’s like this? Are all Virgo’s like me?”. Fortunately, that was answered at the latter part of the book. So you see, each person/Virgo can be classified into their day of birth, their birth year is even considered.

What I had more time reading was of course when it comes to career and love. I won’t spoil that much for you.:) But you should buy this book to know if you and your partner are compatible, but of course you shouldn’t ditch him/her if since the books comes with explanations on your relationships with other signs as well. As of mine, I’m more inclined to Pisceans.;) I’m even tempted to read the other signs too, maybe it could help understand people a lot more easier..:D

Joanna Martine Woolfolk’s Sun Sign Series is a legacy that anyone would surely enjoy. Complete with insights into your power, potentials and weaknesses, qualities, issues, advices about relationships and love, inclinations toward other signs, guidance, health diet, you have one book which contains every information you would need.

The book is so little yet it contains a lot. I couldn’t possibly tell you everything it taught me, but if all of the books in the sun sign series is this good, then I would recommend for everyone of you to have this, maybe not as a fan of horoscopes, but if you’re looking for insights where you couldn’t put your finger into, you should probably grab this book.:) Highly Recommended!

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