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Book Review: His Dark Ways by Naomi Canale

His Dark Ways

His Dark Ways by Naomi Canale
  • Paperback: 204 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (September 17, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1491261609
  • ISBN-13: 978-1491261606
Savanna Christy, a pastor’s daughter, is on a rebellion. Once her Dad told her the Bible warns of opening doors that shouldn’t be opened. She’s become obsessed with finding out if those doors are just as invisible as the God she’s been raised to know.

One night, during another thrill-seeking adventure, Savanna and her friends Amy and Lucky, head thirty minutes out of their small town of Tonopah, to check out the Goldfield Hotel, known to be one of the most highly active places for paranormal activity in the nation. Together the three of them break in, hoping to open one of the doors the Bible speaks of, and in the middle of a satanic séance the three of them are dragged to various places of the hotel. But when the door shuts before Savanna’s cornered, something saves her. As footsteps slowly make their way to where Savanna is under a window, she reaches out her hand. Daniel, an entity who’s been locked away between space and time, becomes just as visible as Savanna. And her energy can give him life again, only when they touch (which triggers an addiction).

HIS DARK WAYS is not at all what I expected!

From the book description and the cover, you would have thought it’s just another YA with bits of paranormal thrown into--- but it’s not just that---it’s totally different.

Canale's writing style is superb; as the story goes on, the words feels like my own despite the two POV’s. It’s vivid, well-written and very engaging—I could clearly picture the story.

The characters Daniel and Savanna has their own strong voices; each with stories to tell; I just hope, Amy and Lucky and the other characters were given enough backstories.

I wouldn’t talk about the plot, since I’d probabaly ruin it for you. All I can say is that, you should read the book until Savanna and her friends seek out the haunted hotel--- from that point, you might think you already figure the book out, but no, you’re in for the big twist! Most of this time, I caught myself saying, “OMG! ...OMG! ...Really!?... What?!” One second it’s romance, the next it’s gothic—it’s darker!

The pacing was fast and filled with tension from beginning til end and the story flows well but has kept me on edge, I was dragged to Savanna’s world and the messed she created—it was not a long book—but a lot has happened with the 188 pages---I guess you have to check it out for yourself!

It wouldn’t even matter if you’re a believer or not ( though it has Christian undertones); this isn’t even a romance story—it’s a story of a person who is smart enough to think out of the box but has lived all her life with blind faith until curiosity got the best of her--- as the saying goes, “curiosity killed the cat” ---will it kill her too?

HIS DARK WAYS- is a book that turns an ordinary story into something darker, creepier, more violent and thought-provoking—a paranormal thriller at it’s best. It touched my soul and my psyche, creeped me and then blessed me. It’s unpredictable, with lots of twists and turns and an ending that you never saw coming.

Naomi Canale is an author, we should all look out for! Very highly recommeded!
(Though I wouldn’t recommend this book to the faint-hearted)

originally appeared on Bookshelf Confessions


Many have been known to call me Nomi, it’s always been my nickname. And if you ran into me as a kid, I’m pretty sure you would have taken off in the other direction because I probably would have been trying to chase you down wearing a snotty nose, messy hair, and arms opened wide for a hug, or a tackle (given the mood I was in at the time, it could have been either).
Not much has changed. And now that I’m older, I do find it sad when people quickly run out of Starbucks when they see me there writing, especially after they’ve found out that I write creepy stories.
When I was young, my parents let me watch/read all the scary things I could get my hands on. I loved Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, and Aliens—just to name a few. But when I grew up and had kids, I suddenly grew afraid of the dark and wrote happy stories with lots of sunshine and happy little leprechauns (I’m being totally serious). But now that my children are growing older, I’ve fallen back in love with the slimy creatures that enjoy living under my bed.

I also enjoy learning, and before I started writing I took Ray Bradbury’s advice…
“Learn how to master short stories first.”—my passion for books only grew from there.
For the past ten years, my love for writing and reading has more than tripled—along with my coffee addiction, and I’m very grateful for the family of writers who have loved me along the way.
Favorite Quotes
“I believe that life is a journey, often difficult and sometimes incredibly cruel, but we are well equipped for it if only we tap into our talents and gifts and allow them to blossom.”
- Christy Brown
“Not all character growth is an upward curve. Sometimes it’s a downward descent into our darker selves” – Donald Mass

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