Thursday, December 19, 2013

Listia: Lots of Free Stuffs (trade, auction, and get stuffs you want) :Get rid of old stuff. Get new stuff for free!

Auctions for free stuff at
Turn clutter into credits.
Use credits to get things you'll love!

1) Declutter


Sell all the stuff you don't use -
from DVDs to clothing to toys,
for free!

2) Earn Credits


Rack up credits when others
win your auction listings.

3) Reward Yourself

Discover and get stuff you'll
love from other members or the Listia Rewards Store!

copyright: Listia2013

What is Listia?

Listia is a marketplace where you can trade things you don't need anymore for stuff you want. It's all free with no money involved unless the auctioneer requires shipping fees but there are a lot of auctions that offers free shipping :)

I've tried it since September this year :)

Check out the site now by clicking the banners!

Auctions for free stuff at

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Auctions for free stuff at