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Giveaway + Excerpt: WitchCraft by Emma Mills

The Blurb
Witchcraft (Witchblood, #2)

Jess is no ordinary vampire. Protected by the Manchester vampire clan, and initiated by her family’s east coast American coven, she is sought after by every dark witch and warring vampire faction. Jess must fight if she wants to keep hold of her friends, her sanity and finally her existence.

As the dead bodies of human girls begin to stack up, and her recently accepted vampire boyfriend, Daniel, finds himself in prison, Jess goes on a crazy, forbidden trip to London, racing against time to save an old friend and solve the mystery behind Daniel’s incarceration. In battling new enemies and finding new friends, Jess’s confidence finds room to grow, but who will she lose along the way?
A quiet knock sounded at her door, which seconds later swung open to reveal a pretty young nurse, her light brown hair swinging in a cute ponytail.


A quiet knock sounded at her door, which seconds later swung open to reveal a pretty young nurse, her light brown hair swinging in a cute ponytail.
Hi! I thought I heard you stir. How are you, Alex?’ she asked walking over to the bed. Alex looked at the nurse. There was something familiar about her, and yet she didn’t think this was a nurse she had seen at all over the past few days. She was certain she would recognise her if she had been, because she had beautiful, striking violet contact lenses in.

Yes, it was just another nightmare. I’m okay now, thanks,’ Alex said.

Oh good, because that makes my job all the more fun,’ the nurse said, closing the door quietly behind her and suddenly appearing at Alex’s side so unbelievably fast, it made her jump.

A memory was beginning to surface, a memory of one of the creatures from her nightmares, a creature with violet eyes. Alex shrank back into her bed and opened her mouth to scream, but a cold hand was clamped down upon it, nails digging into her cheeks.

Shhhhhhhhh, it will all be over soon,’ said the nurse with the violet eyes, as she bent over Alex and bit hard into her neck. Several minutes later the nurse stood up, wiped her mouth, and smiled down at the still, cold girl who would never have another nightmare again, and left the room.

Author Bio: Author Bio

  Hi I'm Emma. I am happily married with two lovely children. I have always loved reading and writing and published my first novel WitchBlood in Jan 2012 with Witchcraft following in June and WitchLove due in Feb 2013. After acquiring an obsessive love of supernatural teen novels...yes I'm a Twilight fan...I decided to write my own supernatural story based here in Manchester in the UK, near where I live and grew up. It's currently dark, windy, cold and very very wet... and easy to get inspiration.

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  1. This excerpt was fun. But, I'd like to have book #1 to start the series properly.

    bookaholicholly at gmail dot com

  2. The excerpt was great. This series has a lot going on. I'd like book 2 in mobi format or from amazon.

  3. I would like Witch Love.
    Thank you for the giveaway

  4. I'm always looking for new paranormal series and authors and this sounds like an awesome to add. I'd like to have book #1 to start the series properly in mobi format for Kindle.
    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com


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