Thursday, March 15, 2012

Author Update: Upcoming Titles

Kresley Cole & Cassandra Clare confirmed new upcoming titles!

*First, Kresley Cole signed with Simon & Schuster for a brand new YA series!
About the first book:

Poison Princess (The Arcana Chronicles #1)

Poison Princess centers on 16-year-old Evangeline "Evie" Greene, a privileged teenager from Louisiana. When an apocalyptic event decimates her hometown, killing everyone she loves, Evie realizes the hallucinations she'd been having for the past year were actually visions of the future — and they're still happening. Fighting for her life and desperate for answers, she must turn to her wrong-side-of-the-bayou classmate: Jack Deveaux. As Jack and Evie race to find the source of her visions, they meet others who have gotten the same call. An ancient prophecy is being played out, and Evie is not the only one with special powers. A group of teens have been chosen to re-enact the ultimate battle between good and evil. But it's not always clear who is on which side …
Kresley announced on facebook yesterday that “the phenomenal cover for POISON PRINCESS (Book 1 in the Arcana Chronicles) will be revealed soon, along with an excerpt!”
Tentative release date: October 2012!

*Second, Cassandra Clare announced a new deal also with Simon & Schuster!
This new deal is for a new trilogy! Spin-off of TMI set in set in 2012 Los Angeles, called The Dark Artifices
Tentative release date for the first book = 2015.

Here’s what Cassie had to say to The Washington Post:
“The series follows Emma Carstairs, the fiercest warrior and most skilled young Shadowhunter since Jace Wayland, and Emma’s sworn partner in arms, Julian Blackthorn,” the statement reads. “Despite Emma’s complicated feelings for Julian, the two must band together to investigate a demonic plot that stretches from the warlock-run nightclubs of the Sunset Strip to the enchanted sea that pounds the beaches of Santa Monica.”
Clare said in a statement that she was sure readers would love both her new and her established characters.
“I know readers will come to love Emma, Mark, Cristina and Julian just as they have loved Jace, Clary, Will, Tessa and Jem,” she said. “Readers have often asked what will happen in the Shadowhunter world after the events of the ‘Mortal Instruments’ and this series will give them a chance to find out.”

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