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Blog Tour: Guest post (Author's take on the leading man and lead female) + Giveaway: This Much Is True by Katherine Owen

Title: This Much Is True
Author: Katherine Owen
Release: August 11th, 2013
Age Group: New Adult/Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance; Sports Romance, Holiday Romance, New Adult College Romance
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This Much Is True

Fate brings them together
Fame & lies keep them apart
One truth remains…

She’s become the Paly High girl with the most tragic story…
At 17, Tally Landon just wants to graduate and leave for New York to pursue ballet. Her best friend Marla convinces her to attend one last party—a college party—where she can be among strangers and evade the whisperings about the heartbreaking loss of her twin that follows her everywhere she goes. She meets Lincoln Presley, Stanford’s famous baseball wonder and has a little fun at his expense—when she lies about her age and who she really is—intent on being someone else for the night and escaping her tragic story.

His only focus is baseball, but he can’t forget the girl he saved on Valentine’s Day…
At 22, Lincoln Presley’s star is on the rise—about to finish at Stanford and expected to be taken early in Major League Baseball’s upcoming draft—his cousin’s party serves as a welcome distraction. But then, he sees the girl from Valentine’s Day that he saved from that horrific car accident and can’t quite hide his disappointment when she appears to look right through him and not remember him at all. He vows to learn her name at least before he leaves. What’s the harm in getting to know this girl? What’s the worst that can happen?

Fate soon tests these star-crossed lovers in all kinds of ways...
And yet, despite the lies being told to protect the other, and the trappings of fame that continually separate them, and in lieu of the deception by those they’ve come to trust the most; one truth remains.

This much is true.

Caution: This title contains some strong language, some violence, and some sexual situations and is intended for readers 18+ in age.

      Author’s take on the leading man: :
Lincoln Presley is my version of a golden boy, who can and does accomplish just about anything life has to offer from athleticism to careers to relationships in getting what he wants; and yet, there is this unknown side to him, almost a vulnerability, that is separate from all the outward success and unseen by the circles he moves in. The character I created in Lincoln Presley operates in a world where he seemingly has just about everything, but hidden within that persona is this amazing discernible pain about his past and the people he’s loved and lost as well as this inexplicable connection to Tally. His mission in life up to now has been to be everything for his father and succeed at baseball. Baseball is all there is for him. Then he meets Tally Landon and with that single encounter, he’s changed in some mysterious way going forward throughout much of the story line.
What I like about Lincoln Presley’s character is that he eventually recognizes the flaws within himself and rises to the challenge in changing, both for himself and for Tally.
I tend to provide the vaguest of physical descriptions of my characters. On purpose. Readers can fill in for themselves what they look like. These are my inspirations for the characters as well as one reader’s inspiration for them after she finished reading This Much Is True. Use as you will, according to copyright guidelines.
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    Author’s take on the lead female:   
Tally Landon is an enigma. She is this amazing ballerina and takes her dance very seriously and yet there is the whole other side to her that the reader is introduced to in the very first chapter. Beautiful, talented, sexy. Tally is all of these things just like her identical twin, but there’s this other side of Tally that’s hinted at in the beginning. Tally is also dark, edgy, and takes unnecessary risks—the opposite of Holly. The reader is left wondering why when the unthinkable happens, and Lincoln Presley comes on scene to save her.
My intent with Tally Landon was to create a complicated character that largely ran with parallel dichotomies in her life both personally and professionally. Beneath the beautiful exterior and the exquisite talent she exhibits through her ballet is this lost girl whose vices include random sex with strangers and this edgy, self-centered side that uses for almost self-protection emotionally. Tally the rebel enjoys shocking her family and friends and exerts a certain control over her life in all these curious, exacting ways. She avoids relationships and commitments of any kind. Why? Readers ask. But after tragedy strikes, readers get this close-up of Tally as she struggles to find her way.  On some level, she is so far gone that only one person remains who can truly save her from herself; one person is capable of extinguishing her fervent propensity to lie in order to emotionally insulate herself from further loss. I. Can’t. Lose. Anyone. Else. She tells Linc at one point. I wanted to show the vulnerabilities that befall this young woman every time she faces hardship and uncertainty. Tally makes some mistakes and poor decisions just like all of us do at certain junctures in our lives when we’re faced with these unexpected, life-changing moments. I tried to make Tally Landon real. Lost (at times). Fallible (at times). Selfish. Self-serving. Lovable (eventually). I hope I succeeded. Many readers seem to think I have.
As I stated previously, I tend to provide the vaguest of descriptions of my characters believing that readers can fill in for themselves what these characters look like. However, these are my inspirations for the characters as well as one reader’s inspiration for them after she finished reading This Much Is True. Use as you will, according to copyright guidelines.
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About the Author
Dark. Edgy. Contemporary. Romantic. Were we describing me? Or my fiction? Sorry.
I drink too much…coffee, not enough water. I swear too much for God and my mother, and I slip these into my fiction. Sorry.
I’m impatient, a perfectionist, a wordsmith, a dreamer, which ends up being good and bad. I’m a workaholic; ask my “fam-dam-ily”.
I’ve written four novels in as many years: “When I See You, “Not To Us”, Seeing Julia” as well as my latest release “This Much Is True” (which hit #1 on Amazon best seller lists for Sports Romance, Holiday Romance within a week of its release). Competitive; much, KO? Oh yes.
If you love angsty, unpredictable love stories, I’m yours. ♥ Connect with me at
Website/Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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