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Day 7: Month-long-anniversary-celebration:Jennifer Lane, author of With Good Behavior (Excerpt + Giveaway)

Bookshelf Confessions welcomes Jennifer Lane to the blog:

Jennifer Lane
People fascinate the psychologist/author (psycho author) known as Jennifer Lane. Her therapy clients talk to her all day long about their dreams and secrets, and her characters tell her their stories at night. Jen delights in peeling away the layers to scrutinize their psyches and emotions. But please rest assured, dear reader, she isn’t psychoanalyzing you right now. She’s already got too many voices in her head!

Stories of redemption interest Jen the most, especially the healing power of love. She is the author of TheConduct Series—-romantic suspense for adult readers—-and recently released the third and final installment:On Best BehaviorStreamline is her first foray into writing for new adults, but she’s found this sort of writing even more fun. A former college swimmer, Jen was able to put a lot of her own experiences into this book. 

Whether writing or reading, Jen loves stories that make her laugh and cry. In her spare time she enjoys exercising, attending book club, and hanging out with her sisters and their families in Chicago and Hilton Head.
With Good Behavior Bad Behavior On Best Behavior

With Good Behavior (Conduct #1)
In a world gripped by organized crime, family dysfunction, and dim hopes of redemption, can true love persevere? For Sophie Taylor, a beautiful psychologist who lost everything when she violated an ethical boundary, and Grant Madsen, a handsome naval officer who sacrificed everything to protect a loved one, finding that love may carry an unbearable cost.

Starting their lives over in Chicago, both are fighting influences from their family and running as fast as they can to escape the past. When their paths cross outside the parole officer's door, the attraction is instantaneous. But a hidden connection may not only shatter their fledgling love, but prove deadly to them both.

With Good Behavior (The Conduct Series #1) Romantic Suspense
Bad Behavior (The Conduct Series #2) Romantic Suspense
On Best Behavior (The Conduct Series #3) launches 9-24-13 
Streamline New Adult Sports Romance
Swim Recruit New Adult short story (free!)


Jerry glanced at his watch. “It’s time for my next appointment,” he said brusquely. “See you next Wednesday at nine, Ms. Taylor.”
“Thank you, Officer Stone.” She rose from her chair, extending her arm. He grasped her hand and they shook their goodbyes.
Exiting his office, Sophie exhaled deeply, feeling the stress of her first parole meeting dissolve. That relief was short-lived, however, once she opened the door and found herself eye to eye with a man whose black, buzzed hair and golden-brown skin highlighted eyes that held crystal-blue, bottomless depths. The next parolee on the docket? His nose was slightly crooked and his lips were full. His penetrating gaze bore a hole in her. She stood frozen, staring for several moments before regaining her bearings and muttering, “Excuse me.”
She ducked out the door and strode down the hallway, daring to glance behind her to see the man watching her leave. A faint smile crossed his lips, and her cheeks burned.
Scurrying away from the building, the stranger’s intriguing eyes seared into her memory, Sophie decided maybe being on parole wasn’t all that bad. At the moment, parole definitely seemed better than women’s prison. 

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  1. Thanks for featuring this parolee love story, Abby! :-)

    1. It's my pleasure Ms. Lane, and thank you for dropping by :D


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