Monday, July 22, 2013

Deadly Gamble by Shirley Kennedy - On sale for 2 days only!

Deadly Gamble by Shirley Kennedy
When attractive Kristi Andrews is hired as Assistant Marketing Director at the Parthenon hotel/casino in Las Vegas, she’s focused on succeeding at her new job. But from the very first day, strange events occur: a deadly escalator accident—the strange death of a candle shop owner—a psychic’s warning that the Parthenon is doomed AND IT’S ALL KRISTI’S FAULT.

Shocked and baffled, Kristi must determine if she could be responsible for the mysterious, evil presence that seems to haunt the hotel. She’s aided by a man she’s just met—famous western historical author, Mike Garvey. Attracted to Kristi, Mike goes one hundred fifty years back in time to draw upon his knowledge of old Las Vegas and the Santa Fe Trail. They are the key to a puzzling mystery which Kristi must solve if she wants to save not only the Parthenon but the entire Las Vegas Strip from total disaster.

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What is so special about Deadly Gamble?
Author Shirley Kennedy reveals it!

I love the kind of story where seemingly unrelated threads all come together in the end to solve the mystery. That’s what happens in Deadly Gamble. Of course, I couldn’t  entirely ignore my fondness for writing historicals.  A vital part of the plot involves a pack train that traveled the Santa Fe Trail through Las Vegas 150 years ago.

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