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Blog Tour (Book Review + Giveaway): Oxford Whispers by Marion Croslydon

Title: Oxford Whispers (The Oxford Trilogy, #1)
Author: Marion Croslydon
Release date: October 8th, 2012
Genre: Paranormal
Age Group: New Adult
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Madison LeBon is dead set against the dead. She has vowed to ignore her Voodoo-stamped heritage and the psychic gift passed down through her Louisiana family. The world of the living is where she wants to belong.

But her resolution shatters when the tragic lovers in a painting—the subject of her first history class at Oxford—begin to haunt her. The lovers warn her against their own nemesis, a Puritan from the English Civil War.

College becomes more complicated when Madison falls hard for Rupert Vance, a troubled aristocrat and descendant of one of the characters in the painting. With the spirit of a murderer after her, she realizes that her own first love may also be doomed…


{Upper-YA/New Adult - Recommended 17+}


The cover's very gorgeous.. I love the girl, the art and the blue. It has an interesting title OXFORD WHISPERS plus the blurb speaks of paranormal and historical, what more can I ask for?!

The plot was well-thought of, interweaving the tragic love story of the past with the mystery surrounding the present. Oxford was vividly described, I could imagine roaming the hallways. This new adult book with college as the setting and has characters in their 20's is different from other paranormals; it took place in our real world with ghosts as the subject, it may happen to any of us! (who knows!) It's also very engaging, although as for the story of the tragic lovers, a reader can predict who the killer was (for me).

The author has made a story where everyone of the characters has significant backstories. I love that Madison already has psychic powers; her family has this voodoo curse that every girl in the family ended up insane or dead. This pushed her to cross an ocean and begin a new life only to find more ghost and msyteries awaiting her -truly we can't outrun the past. She's smart and she's still having a hrad time with her powers.

Then, we meet Rupert Vance, a future earl, has this bad-boy aura but is still struggling between being just a boy and a man. He is quite annoying in the first pages—with his mean girlfriend, jerk friends, too handsome face and for being too rich..:D But read on, and you will know his story, he's flawed, and he has a soft spot. I guess that made him hot more than his face and wealth..:D Rupert and Madison's romance was a love at first sight, but the author managed to put difficulties in it. Also the American professor made it harder for Madison to choose Rupert. I wonder if he'll continue to appear and show interest in the next book.
Rupert is on the cover of the next book.. He doens't look like a bda boy though and the girl cover model was different.. I like the first better.>:)

The story dragged on at first, and then we were filled with mysteries, answers and questions. I love that the chapters are short although it bothers me sometimes the changing time frame. But the time frames also enabled us to glimpse and know for ourselves what really happened in the past, and not just through retelling of a third person.

It's a debut novel that has consistent good writing style. It's a page-turner with twists, right when I figured it out, I discovered it was entirely something else. And for that I can say that Marion Croslydon is an author we'll be reading more.

This is a book not only of paranormal and new adult, it celebrates the beauty of art and history. If you're looking for a book with a sweet romance, star-crossed teens, murder, ghost of tragic lovers, and if you're ready for some steamy love scenes, then OXFORD WHISPERS is for you!

Oxford Shadows will be out this year featuring The Tudors and Henry VIII. Highly Recommended!

About the author
In addition to being an author, I work as an entrepreneur, wife and mother-of-one but spend a good deal of time with books, DVDs and listening to my mp3 player; all for the sake of inspiration, of course.

My debut series, The Oxford Trilogy, has been a blast to write because I can indulge in my favorite types of music: Country and English rock.

My main goal as a writer is to make readers dream bigger and cause their hearts to beat a little faster.
Since my writing is all about sharing dreams and stories, I love connecting with fellow readers and authors.

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  1. All I have read has been great things of this book. Plus, the cover is gorgeous, like you say. I love the blue background, it's my favorite colour. I hope I can win a copy of this. Fingers crossed ~~

    1. Blue's my favorite color too.. and black and white.>:D There'll be 8 e-book copies given, so you have a big chance..thanks for stopping by..:)

  2. I'he heard about this book before, but I've never have the chance to read it. Hope to read it soon

    1. You should give it a try..Thanks for stopping..:D

  3. i can't wait to read oxford series..
    thx u for the chance :)

  4. Great synopsis and interview! Thanks for the opportunity to win- looking forward to reading this series!

  5. This book sounds fantastic! Enjoyed reading your post, thanks!
    oddball2003 at hotmail dot com


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