Monday, October 8, 2012

Bookshelf Confessions Update #1

Hi my dear readers, this post will answer some of your  queries..
Anyways , thanks for all of your greeting, and for those who don't know yet, I have a birthday giveaway in this post: it will close in a few days so hurry..:D

Query no. 1, I saw from your blog that it's first year anniversary is Oct 1, how come you're not buzzing about it like the other bloggers used to?

Answer: I'm really busy these days, in fact I'm having my departmental exam today (Financial Accounting Vol 3 and Managerial Accounting tomorrow) that's a heck of two major subjects. Unlike in the US, here in the Philippines, the first semester starts in June and ends October. But before I could enjoy the semestral break, I must face the challenge that will determine whether I'll pass or fail and I don't think I can handle it if I can't pass.>:D

the thing all students want to avoid, but cannot..:(
If only I could do this, unfortunately I have promised for blog tours, giveaways, and book blast, so here I am blogging again instead of studying:D
Unintelligible numbers

Late night sleep.. If you could consider sleeping at past 12 midnight and waking at 4 am.

and lots of books that need to be read..!!!!!
It won't really be a surprise I'm stressed

.  Plus, for the last two week of October, I'll be on vacation in some island where internet connection might not be feasible.>:D.. It's not actually because of the location, but seriously look at the pictures below, and it won't be a surprise if I totally forgot to blog for the 2 weeks I'll be there.:D By the way, it's in the island of Palawan, Philippines

Take a look: 

Palawan Underground River is one of the new seven wonders of the world

So, since I don't have enough time to think about the giveaways and organize the anniversary, I opt to not celebrate this October, but instead I'll be celebrating it November.. 2nd week or later..

so I think that's all for now..
Thanks for reading and visiting this blog..
and I hope you could visit Palawan too>>:D

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