Monday, September 17, 2012

Blog Tour (Excerpt): Redemption by R.K. Ryals

"I can do this. I can."
I reached for my light, but when I tried to call it to me, I was slammed hard into the ground. My temple hit the corridor, and my vision went temporarily dark. I struggled past the sluggishness. I wouldn't let her win. I couldn't! I felt her come for me again, claws digging into the back of my shirt. But then she recoiled, a screech filling the air, and I realized I'd hurt her. How?
A burning at my neck made me look down, and I caught sight of the necklace Monroe had given me, the quartz shining bright. I had forgotten it was there.
Lilith cursed as I began to slide so fast, the stone beneath me burned my skin. She was angry. I fought harder against the fall and glanced below anxiously.

My body went instantly cold.

Ahead, the corridor simply disappeared, like a cliff overlooking blackness. There were jagged edges in the path as if Lilith had used her fist to pound away the stone and dirt, leaving a drop-off. But we weren't in the pyramid, we were under it.
"That's not possible!" I cried out.
The shock of it numbed me. There couldn't be a cliff below ground. The path led to a chamber, didn't it? I should see only dirt or more path. There should have been more dirt or more path! But there wasn't.
"Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!"
I dug my nails into the ground harder, but there was nothing I could do to avoid the fall. Visions of my dream overwhelmed me. It was different and yet the same, fissures in the Earth, a fall into darkness. An illusion! That's it! This was an illusion. It had to be! There was nowhere for a drop-off to go. The laughter grew so loud, I cringed with the pain.
"Hell, my dear. It leads to Hell," Lilith cackled as my feet went over the drop-off.

~Excerpt from Ransom: Redemption Series Book II

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