Monday, May 28, 2012

Winners: FREE Excerpt + ARC & Swag Giveaway: Kill Me by Alex Owens

So the giveaway for the Kill Me ARC and guitar pick necklace is finally over and I am happy to announce to you the winners.:D To see the original contest post click here.

Of course, the winners are chosen via Random Picker, here's a copy of the results:

Drawing results

Selected project: Kill Me ARC plus one more giveaway

The project is already locked.

Prize IDWinner IDPublic Info
Random Sorting ID
1: 2091414Jen Le 07435EFD-C1E9-468B-996F-E2A6C8D7E0EB
2: 2091400Beckie 0B001EB9-9189-4C1D-9116-250C0C410EC7

Click this to see the drawing protocol

I'm still contacting the winners and after 3 days if they haven't replied yet, I'd pick a new one, so don't let your hope down just yet..:)

 SO that's it! Don't worry, if you didn't win today or this giveaway, there are still lots to enter..:) Good Luck and thanks to all who joined, this giveaway wouldn't be possible without you..:)

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