Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Official Safe and Sound Video (Hunger Games)

So, I was watching Taylor Swift's new music video for The Hunger Games called 'Safe and Sound' and I I love it. It made me feel goosebumps all-over. Such a wonderful song.

According to MTV, Taylor said, "'When I got the call, I thought from what I'd heard about the movie, 'It's an action movie, right? We're probably going to be writing a song that's like, "We're going to win!" ' And then I read the book,
and I thought, 'No, we're going to have to write sort of a death lullaby, it's so different from what I thought.' "

Taylor is so beautiful here, perfect even withour make-up.
The only thing I would want to be added, is a clip from the movie, and this music video would be perfect.!

To read more, click here: MTV.  You can buy the soundtrack CD here too.
The full list of the songs are here.

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