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The Women of Block 12

The Women of Block 12 by Linda Pischke
  • Format: Kindle Edition (also available as Paperback)
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  • Publisher: Pischke Publishing (November 26, 2010)
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  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B004E3XGUK
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  • Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars 

THE WOMEN OF BLOCK 12 is a journey into the world of incarcerated women, a world of broken childhoods and shattered dreams, a world of chaos and utter despair.

It is the story of the more than 200,000 non-violent female offenders who occupy beds in America's jails and prisons. But it is also a story of great courage in the face of adversity, the resilience of the human spirit, and the hope that springs eternal through faith in Jesus Christ.

Author,Linda Pischke reveals how God teaches us to love the unlovable when we open our hearts to serving him.

Before reading this book, I don’t really feel any compassion to those who are in jails. I keep thinking that they deserve it…but after this..it made me see a whole new side of these people, whether they are criminals or offenders, they’re still like us,--humans…

I never would have imagined listening to these women’s tales..but I find myself laughing and crying with every bump in their way. The book was well written, that it made you shiver just like they’re in front of you talking. Ms. Pischke made the words come alive. It’s not just about the dreadful things they’ve done once, but the little good things they always do.

This book made me realize, feel and sympathize with the horror, sadness, loss, unforgettable and tragic experiences of the women. And at the same time, it made me see their own tales of endurance, strength, faith and forgiveness.

It made me feel blessed of the little things I have and where I am now. It made me see how we can all be so judgmental when in fact, we don’t have the right to be..

Linda Pischke did a good job in presenting readers a story that would forever stay in their minds, and would persuade them to be of help and made a difference in every life they encounter.

Thank you Ms. Pischke! Thanks for answering God’s call, this book truly touched me….and everyone who’ll put a hand in this..:) and more than anything, no one could have write this better than you.

Women of Block 12, is a compelling story of women who suffered and continually hope for good. A mind-opening reality will seep in to anyone who had read this book.

An inspiring story! Highly recommended!

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