Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Witches in the Holy City (Holy City Series)

witches in the holy city, as the title suggest, is all about witches and warlocks and magic. since I was a kid, i  was really fascinated by magic, especially witches. this book, gives us a diffrent perspective of witches as human'like persons, with human-like situations and emotions, not just all about magic and spells then. the story is natural but as it unfolds, we're overwhelmed with revelations and shock of the facts being presented, and the simple problem, becomes as complicated and complex as the world of sorcery begins to unfold in the characters midst.. the characters are developed well, with distinct but relatable characteristics, and I am very much willing to read more of them. The author uses the right twist and romance to make the reader stop and be filled with the scene or make the reader wanna read for more.
Sadly though,this book is a cliff-hanger which would left you wanting for more, so I bet there's really an installment to this,.
this is a fast-read with the kind of beat up for young adults.

18-year-old Lorelei Moskowitz thought she would have a normal college experience, but even she believes that normal is overrated. So it doesn’t come as any big surprise when she finds out her cousin, Julie, is dating a warlock who may or may not have a dishonest, hidden agenda. Using her witchly powers, Lorelei decides to make sure Julie doesn’t get hurt, but she can’t do it without the help of Ethan; a 150-year-old warlock in the body of a twenty-five year old. The two of them form an instant friendship as they stalk the streets of Charleston, South Carolina keeping an eye on Julie and her mysterious beau. It doesn’t take Lorelei long to fall for Ethan, and eventually, she makes a shocking discovery about the mother she’s never met. A discovery that puts her life in a whole new perspective.

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