Monday, October 3, 2011

Rippler: Book One

*I won a free copy of this book from Libarything Giveaway*

to be honest, i find the first pages not that appealing:),.but because the story is interesting I keep reading, until the events started to unfold, and there was a lot of actions here and there.

I was thrilled by Samantha's abilities and the author made sure that the readers would think ripple as a fact, that it could actually exist and become a part of science(I'm one of them).
Will for me, is also an ideal guy for Sam, romance was also on this book ( calling all the young adult readers there!), and their story beautifully unfolds within Sam's abilities.

The story was really interesting, when someone's been killing people, and they found out later, that this someone also had Sam's abilities. It was also a matter of whom to trust, when a man sends her letter offering safety from France. Another point of the story is that there are a lot of forces who wants to experiment and use Sam for their advantage, which makes the book thrilling and engaging.
The author also managed to reveal Sam's past that left the readers feeling sympathetic towards her, and letting you want to read more. The story then turns to Sam choosing being with Will or to stay away for his safety.

I daresay, I can't wait for the next sequel of the book! ( )

You can find your own copy here!

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