Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, Book 1)

this is a great addition to my other favorites..
and what really matters in this story is the bond is between bestfriends and not lovers..
at first though,..i can't quite get the essnce of the story.. i even think if i'd jump reading..forgetting about the prologue.. but then as i read further.. i realized that the story is actually flashing back to the prologue which i assumed really someone i should admire for..for her boldness..
the story is further associated with St. vladimir and shadow-kissed Anna.. on which near the end of the story rose realize is actually like them.. a spirit user(Lissa) and a shadow-kissed(Rose).. which happens because lissa brought her back when she died at the car accident which killed lissa's family..
the story twist at the end where the one person whom they considered as a family turns out to be after lissa, because she can heal him..
this is really a full of action book..
and i wish that dimitri and rose relationship could really blossom.. one thing i hate about rose..she's flirty..
though still charming..

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